I Kept it for You
Welcome to I kept it for You - Your online place with Vintage Silver Jewelry, and Retro treasures...
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Timeless retro and vintage pieces, silver jewelry, lamps and home deco, all with soul, rust and cobwebs.

Did you ever whished that your mom or granny left that glass, silver ring, or lamp somewhere in the attic?

I am on the hunt for quality, preloved vintage lamps, vintage home decoration, silver and all retro things that make Your space have a story and soul. 

I KEPT IT FOR YOU - Things you whished someone kept just for you

In my shop You can find vintage treasures, you can relate to. Old silver jewelry, bracelet charms, retro lamps, home deco curiosities, all the finishing touches for Your perfect space, from clean modernist lines, to cottage chic.


I sell only quality items with patina of character, ready to use. If it's broken, it's broken, not vintage. All pictures and descriptions in my listings are highly detailed, to show the actual condition of the item. After purchase they are sent with utmost care to provide You with the unique vintage home decoration, silver or one of vintage lamps of Your choice!


It is a big part of my shop. You can find old charms for Your bracelet, retired Pandora beads/charms, old silver rings and pendants, and some other items that were worth saving. They will also arrive to You packed like my grandmother used to pack it, with a little twist for extra protection.

Unique and common items - silver, vintage home decoration and vintage lamps   

At I kept it for You, You can find different items, some are unique and irreplaceable. Some of them are available in multiple pieces, that were popular in its prime time. No nostalgia here, just happy times!


In times when everything is mass produced and massively dumped into our surroundings, I strive to bring back the forgotten items of good quality, that worked well through its first life. Pre-loved deserves a second chance when the brand new does not deliver. Buy Vintage, save items from the past, and do something good for the environment and our future.


To make me and You feel even better, I reuse the packaging materials whenever I can. everything, from small jewelry to big-shaded lamps, are securely packed, to meet You in the full glory You are expecting them to arrive.

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